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Our history


Since January 2002, our formula for success has been simple – to bring businesses a technology differential, through strategy, consulting, design and production. And that's we did!

NOCC’s experience, process and attitude have facilitated the growth of a strong and steadfast portfolio of clients, ranging from public sector organizations, corporates, banks, SMEs, NGOs to growing start-ups. We have helped them realize the potential of technology, to gain instant, visible and measurable returns from their investments in technology.

At NOCC, we go back to the basics; when technology had a purpose, when technology was a valuable means to an end, when technology was a tool for organizations to achieve their goals – however ambitious they may be.

In helping our customers achieve the ambitious goals they set out to, we achieved ours...

"Today NOCC employs talented and passionate professionals working towards delivering world class solutions to customers dispersed all over the world!"

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