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Social media optimization

Be part of the Dialogue.

The soaring popularity of Social Media offers a lucrative opportunity to businesses enabling them to reconnect with customers they had lost along the way, to engage in mass dialogue, to enable more brand awareness loyalty and eventually help improve the bottom line.

  • Are you looking for an easier, more affordable, and less time-consuming promotion tool?
  • Are you struggling to get face time from your customers?
  • Do you want to know what customers are really saying about your products and services?
  • Are you a business looking to increase and retain its customer base?
Facebook officially has a user base of over 1 billion. Now, imagine using Facebook as a marketing tool. Suddenly, social media becomes real and promising.

We believe that Social Media is the catalyst in enhancing your online marketing strategy, enabling you to truly connect with your customer – one to one

NOCC’s Social Media Experts understand what it takes to engage users on their own terms. We develop and deliver innovative, creative and customized social media solutions that work with your overall marketing campaign to help you capitalize on the current and changing technology trends, to deliver visible and measurable results.

Listen. Connect. Engage.

We do not believe that one size fits all, but instead devise unique strategies based on the requirements of our clients, including;

  • Using our in house Facebook developers to develop exciting applications to generate and track interest, increase visibility and to drive traffic to your website
  • Uploading images and videos that generate user interest e.g. Youtube, Slideshare, etc
  • Leveraging the traction of existing websites like Facebook, Twitter, etc for website / product / service promotion
  • Blog creation and maintenance to gather information about customers and markets
  • Creating and engaging with online communities, forums, groups etc.

Give your marketing efforts a digital twist.

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Why iPad apps?

  • Easy customization
  • Simple, user friendly and intuitive
  • Stay connected to customers any place, any time and all the time

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