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Digital Strategy Consulting

    Empowering Brands

    In the words of Kevin Roberts, pioneer of the concept of ’Lovemarks’, the market today is cluttered with Brands and there is a need for successful organizations to ensure that their branding and marketing efforts are helping them create an identity that can truly connect with their consumers at an emotional level - creating symbols that consumers don’t just recognize, but truly ’love’.

    To truly connect with consumers, it is important to be able to identify the right audience, understand what their needs are and how we can communicate an integrated message to them. Technology has heightened this ability to communicate - enabling businesses to take their branding visions to new levels.

    • Are you still relying on traditional methods of communication for your marketing campaign?
    • Does your website reflect who your organization is or does it need a revamp to be more competitive?
    • Are you using the right communication channels to get to your target audience?
    • Is the message you are conveying integrated across your website and other media channels?
    • Are you spending money on IT strategy consultants and are unable to quantify the benefits?
    • Have you considered the importance of new information technologies tools in your media strategy, such as mobile applications, tablets and social media?

    In today’s competitive and brand cluttered industry, without a comprehensive, well thought out and well executed digital media strategy, organizations face an uphill battle to get themselves recognized and differentiated over and above their competitors.

    Multiple Channels to Connect with Customers

    The popularity and growing penetration of the Internet have made online media an inevitable part of many digital media strategies and IT strategy consulting. This is evident with customers increasingly turning to the web to research about the product and services offered by your company, and to compare them to other brands before making the purchase decision. Therefore, what your consumers think about you and the identity and branding communication you have on the web is critical.

    At NOCC, we help you harness the advantages of this tech tidal wave to market the products and services of your organization acquiring and retaining larger marketability, with visible, measurable results!

    NOCC helps brands connect with people and vice versa, by offering digital media strategy consultancy to clients looking at exploring the digital space. Our experienced network of creative advertising, media and interactive experts engage in digital forensics - i.e. undertake the SWOT analysis to uncover what your competitors are doing and how the industry you operate in is transforming. As your digital media partner agency, we employ this holistic approach to shape the most effective digital media strategy; and to suggest the latest digital tools and innovative design and content to deliver robust solutions that best suit your business and branding needs.

    Some of the digital media services offered by NOCC are:

    • Internet/Web Strategy: Effective interactive internet marketing uses all available methodologies to build reputation among consumers, to promote a brand, and to drive traffic to your website. NOCC’s digital media strategists and web consultants, combine SEO services, viral marketing, email strategies, social media with online advertising, online PR, blogs, web ads, RSS, etc. to create a holistic plan that drive results. They leverage the deep understanding of user behavior to develop cross-channel business strategies that are both realistic and game changing.
    • Mobile and Emerging Platforms: NOCC understands that mobile platforms are the communication channels of the future and therefore has built a strong mobile team. Our mobile team has a grasp of how the interaction of mobile users differs and the opportunities it presents. NOCC’s digital media experts have extensive experience in designing compelling and interactive experiences for digital platforms including mobile websites and applications for iPhone, iPad, Android and other platforms.
    • Branding: The web is being increasingly being used as a primary way for consumers to interact with a brand. As your digital media partners, NOCC will define a brand strategy that translates and creates an identity that works from web to mobile and beyond - and does so in an integrated, consistent and most importantly - effective manner.
    • Interaction & Visual Design: NOCC’s design and UI experts realize that design is like art but with a function. NOCC provides various interaction design product development tools such as functional sketches, wireframes, and prototypes etc. Our team of designers and user experience experts leverage these tools and undertake illustration, animation, typeface development, concept development and template design, and much more; to develop the right experience to meet user and business goals for interfaces ranging from websites to desktop applications, mobile applications, etc.
    • Measurement Metrics: NOCC understands the importance of receiving third party reviews and recommendations for building credible and effective marketing messages. However, that is not all. Whether it is Google Analytics or Facebook Insights, we know how to leverage various digital tools out there to also quantify the progress and the overall return of investment on your digital media strategy.

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