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Global delivery model

NOCC offers a holistic Global Delivery Model of Service Delivery.

"Our commitment to excellence in technology is insatiable, and without boundaries of any sort"

NOCC’s truly global operations enable us to offer large teams with diverse skill sets, rapid project turnaround along with cost effectiveness. Due to which we have been able to establish a global client base across United States, UK, Canada, Sweden, GCC, Africa and more! Our network spans the major corners of the globe, enabling us to easily provide our clients with the perfect balance of a local presence with world-class service.

It can be challenging to get the most from your pure offshore software delivery decision. And there are one too many situations where we’ve heard from unsatisfied businesses who have faced delays, project creeps, excessive staff attrition, lack of creativity and most importantly, zero accountability for the above and more.

Global Delivery Model

NOCC is different. We take the time to understand the needs of our clients and accordingly support them from one or multiple locations, leveraging an engagement model that may be onshore, near-shore or offshore – or some crafty combination of the above! For example, in NOCC’s hybrid model, a part of the client’s team works in close proximity of the client and manages the client’s virtual team in parallel. This helps minimize risk and eliminates a lot of the pain such as those above that have come to be associated with the typical off shoring process.

At NOCC, we offer Global Delivery Model - driving exceptional quality from exceptional teams that are highly distributed but still function as an integrated whole. Our global delivery model enables us to set up large teams whilst making the most of what advantages various countries have to offer and managing that process, giving you access to the best of the best when it comes to technology, worldwide!


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