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Quality assurance

Our Software Testing services were found due to the belief that organizations are in need for bug-free, efficient applications. We have based our work on the principle that a product not tested is a product not worthy to be used. So from that, we started out journey towards customer satisfaction.

Due to high demands and rapid go-to-market strategies, quality has dropped down to satisfy deadlines; which has led to application failures and significant financial losses, being the case of about 40% of all downtimes.


NOCC provides direction, planning, documentation and closure to help manage your organization and lead it to develop defect-free applications. We enhance your process and provide solutions to reach a “minimal risk and maximum confidence” result. We depend on functional performance methodologies: decreasing your downtimes to a negligible 0% - 4%, therefore increasing your financial profit to the maximum. Our methodologies cover the following activities:

  • - Tool Selection
  • - Workflow organization
  • - Test Case Selection and Development
  • - Tool Configuration
  • - Script Execution
  • - Report and Documentation extraction.

We integrate Quality Assurance into all phases of the project lifecycle, leading to a disciplined organization. With our methodologies we detect errors and problems early, reducing cost of rework and minimizing system failures. Building credibility and pinpointing exact expenditure. NOCC has developed testing techniques and methodologies that ensure rapid development, helping you engage success. We also provide a Testing Assessment to your processes and procedures that identify your strengths and improvement opportunities with a continuing process of connection between us and your organization.


Our services are divided into three entities: Automated Testing, Manual Testing, and Business Testing. After the complete requirement grasping and gathering, a work flow timeline is developed, and an effective budget is created according to the product specification and man power assigned to handle it.

Automated Testing: Automated Testing consists of system analysis, test case generation, script implementation, and script deployment. Results are generated and studied, and accordingly, new scenarios are developed and applied. Once we handle a system, we perform a complete system analysis, defining the requirements needed to be achieved. Accordingly, we create our test cases and scenarios, depending on the modules available and their priority to the overall system. Scripts are then implemented and deployed to the system testing architecture Reporting. This state progresses continually identifying problems, weaknesses and potential weaknesses; with continual contact with your development team to solve the problems and bugs throughout the process.

Manual Testing: Manual testing is a process that can't be disregarded, it is used to implement and assure the results of the automated testing methodology in addition to the basic requirements analysis of the system; as we call it the “The Basic Check Test”. The basic check test is to the check if there are any apparent problems or bugs; this process is applied with the time of test case generation.

Business Testing: Business solutions testing for your application is implemented to find "business bugs" that can cause problems to the client in the manners of easiness, usability and customized business requirements. So we approach the problems in a business perspective, and identify the best techniques to be used for an optimized solution through our experienced functional experts.

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