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A refreshing way to learn.

The content and insights in a traditional classroom session are limited to the duration of the session and to the users in the room. Creating any form of learning content is time consuming and expensive. Advancements in technology have enabled a virtual mode of learning that enables a higher return on investment, lower costs and the ability to reuse valuable content, again and again…

  • Is your company’s IT department flooded with calls on how to use your internal systems?
  • Is your organization spending large amounts of money on training and development?
  • Are assessments crucial in your industry for compliance and other regulatory issues?
  • Are you a product development company with your busy sales people spending their time teaching users how to use your products?
  • Are you a learning organization that is looking for an interactive and engaging multimedia based solution?
  • Are you interested in finding out more about how you can take your organization to the next level with elearning but not quite sure how?

For any education to be truly inclusive... it needs to occur at the user’s pace. Anytime. Anywhere. At NOCC we create cost effective and creative e-learning solutions for organizations and educational institutes.

The solutions developed are creative, advanced and completely customized, and provide employees and students with a platform to learn, share knowledge and interact online.

After analyzing the target group, their interests, learning styles, etc. we use technology to develop customized training solutions to fulfill the organization’s goals. These solutions are either asynchronous, where users can access prepackaged training at their convenience and pace; or synchronous, where instructors interact with learners in real time through chat rooms and video streaming; or blended, which is a combination of both the above and requires human intervention together with distance learning programs.

Some of the E-learning solutions developed by us include:

  • E-learning tools
  • Knowledge centers
  • Assessment tools (quizzes, etc)
  • Tutorials and Presentations
  • Educational games
  • Virtual classrooms and simulations
  • Learning Management Systems
  • Employee Training and survey module
Enable a continuous learning process!

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Why iPad apps?

  • Easy customization
  • Simple, user friendly and intuitive
  • Stay connected to customers any place, any time and all the time

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