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design & usability

Usability analysis and design.

Designing interactions.

Whether it is a website, an online business or a mobile application, every touch point that your customer has with your product or service influences their decision to become a customer, to stay a customer, to make a recommendation or to move on to a competitor. The user experience is you create is more than graphic design, it is a business critical consideration for all businesses, no matter what.

  • Graphic design is important to wow your customers, but what happens after?
  • Does your website feel like an online maze to your customers and is triggering them to leave?
  • How are your customers actually using your platform to get information or to perform an activity?
  • Is your website simple and intuitive to use, leading to customer satisfaction and increased traffic?
  • Is the mobile version of your website causing your customers to get frustrated when they’re on the go?
The interactions your customers have with your product or service need to be powered by attention to usability. Your platform is most effective when it is designed and architected for the utility and behavior of the end user,significantly reducing the risks of project failure.

At NOCC, we are problem solvers. We have the experience of producing simple solutions for complex interface challenges. We understand that well designed user interfaces enable effective user experience. Our team of usability consultants is dedicated to providing a quality overall user interfaces. Effective usability requires the experience of working with and understanding the cognitive process so it is possible to preempt the needs of your customers, to avoid what is likely to confuse them and to influence their decision making process. Only after we have a solid grip on the cognitive model of user populations, do we move on to the functional interface design. Our testing approaches are equally exhaustive and involve realistic simulations to truly test and gage the impact of the solutions we architect on both user performance and satisfaction.

User-Centric Approach.

We align our processes and methodologies to your business objective and design our solutions with a robust user centered approach. Some of the techniques used by us include defining your business differential, gathering, documenting and analyzing user needs, creating cognitive and functional interaction models, ensuring ease of navigation and task guidance, enabling readability and comprehension and conducting professional user experience testing.

Our work is a delicate formula of art, usability science and engineering!

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