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Info aesthetics

Datasets that influence mindsets.

Our brain is hardwired for vision. It is the biggest bandwidth that we have and hence it seeks visually appealing and aesthetic objects around us. Info aesthetics, (also known as info graphics or data visualization) is the process by which information and data is being transported from the labs of statisticians to the field of graphics to be beautiful, elegant and descriptive.

  • Are pie charts, bar graphs and histograms unable to give justice to the data you wish to depict?
  • Are you finding ways to turn raw data into a simple visual data solution that has a narrative?
  • Do you belong to a media company where there is often a requirement of presenting statistics in unusually innovative and instantly understood formats?
  • Or are you unearthing a new solution based on the rising amount of data at our disposal?
In our information rich lives, consumers are searching for moments that can compress this information, simplify the stories and enable a series of insights.

The salaries of professionals, successful websites on the web, money spent and earned, distribution of US population based on gender, demographics, etc., or the personal information entered on online forms are all forms of data. These data flows need to be processed…

Research in human and computer interaction, along with graphics and visual design has led to the emergence of information or data visualization. A symbiotic relationship exists between design and the field of information visualization. Taking advantage of our bandwidth to see, explore, and understand large amounts of information, information visualization uses visual representations and interaction techniques to convey abstract information in intuitive ways.

Complementing data with technology.

From creating mindmaps to using 3D Computer Graphics imagery to represent data, all you need is good visualization and technological capabilities to drive the desired results. In the end it lets a layman to make sense of it all.

NOCC’s creative team of designers, visualizers, programmers, and computer scientists, will help channel the data in a visually pleasing, instantly understandable manner; making it powerful but also aesthetically pleasing. We will creatively transfer the message to the end user with attention to color coding, graphics and reference icon - all the tools that are key in highlighting instantaneous knowledge.

The end result: creation of innovative digital data solutions that tell stories, are highly interactive, aesthetically pleasing and easy to understand.

Information is beautiful. Tell it as a story through visuals.

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