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Smart Phones just got Smarter.

The smart phone market exceeded 100 million units in Q4 2011, with Google’s Android quickly becoming a leading mobile OS. It has been noted that Android based smart phones have crossed 32 million in shipments world wide, and over 12 million in the US alone – nearly three times that of RIM’s Blackberry devices. It makes sense for businesses to utilize this next big ’open source’ innovation.

As for Android Applications, according to AndroLib, an independent metrics firm, more than 30,000 new apps appeared in the Android Market in Feb 2011 and this number is growing exponentially! With the Motorola Xoom and other sophisticated tablets in the spotlight, the Android platform can’t be ignored and Android application development is becoming more and more lucrative…

25% of smart phones in the world are running Android applications. Do you have an Android app to reach out to this large network of mobile users?
  • Interested in developing games, business and / or productivity applications to offer to end-users?
  • Are you looking for a handset-independent mobile OS to be proactively competitive?
  • Would you like your existing mobile applications to be listed on the Android market?
  • Do you as a business need a mobile app compatible with more affordable smart phones?
  • Do you want to develop your existing mobile application ( iPhone / iPad / Blackberry / Windows Phone8) for Android, to be more inclusive, reaching out to a wider audience?

Based on organic, Open Source technology, this Google owned mobile OS has heralded another revolution in the mobile phone industry as it is high on performance and endowed with a strong user experience. Since Android OS is open source, it is handset independent i.e. it is not wedded to one device/network like Apple, Microsoft mobile or Blackberry. Also, it provides no lock down in terms of mobile carriers, etc.

A Great Tool for Multi-Tasking.

As an improvement over some other leading smart phones, Android provides a multi-notification system, which enables multi-tasking and for much more simultaneous applications and alerts to run in the background, enabling a swift and seamless user experience, without any switches or other disruptions. In addition, it is integrated with one of the best browsers in the mobile market – Google! It usually loads pages faster and has Flash support, making it a great search device as well as a multimedia gadget, in the palm of your hand.

Android can be easily customized, as it includes middleware and key applications that do not differentiate between the phone’s core applications and third-party applications.

This powerful platform provides the opportunity for endless personalization - Configure your Android phone to look and behave exactly how you want it.

The potential of Android is vast and extends beyond smart phones into the realm of slick tablets. Motorola has already leveraged this opportunity by introducing the Motorola Xoom tablet, which uses the latest release of Android – Honeycomb. Xoom supports larger screen devices and has introduced new user interface features, along with supporting multi-core processors and hardware acceleration for graphics. In the future Android will be easily available for any type of gadget, hence enabling you as a business to reach larger audiences by customizing the application for different resolutions, screen sizes, keypad options etc.

What does NOCC offer?

Be it developing Android Application development, or an Android optimised website, our project management team understands how important this is to you. Hence, based on your requirement and the industry trends, our Android Application development team can suggest an engaging, reliable, and robust solution.
NOCC provides Android based services in four key areas:

  • Create a new Android Apps or games
  • Create an Android optimized website
  • Convert your iPhone app to an Android app
  • Convert your BlackBerry app to an Android app
  • Build a cross platform mobile app

Our experienced professionals are equipped in using APIs necessary to develop the Android based applications and websites; and even recreate an iPhone or Blackberry app, leveraging across some of the learnings where possible. We specialize in working with the Google Android SDK to build apps that can run on all Android devices. Since, Android is a multitasking and multithreaded environment, the Android Application developers therefore have significant control over the development, such as the application’s appearance, UI and ultimate capabilities.

Push your mobile experience. Be a part of the Android Revolution.

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Why iPad apps?

  • Easy customization
  • Simple, user friendly and intuitive
  • Stay connected to customers any place, any time and all the time

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