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Mobile technology is ever evolving… With the increasing population of mobile phone users, mobile tagging has opened up a whole new way of interacting with consumers by building interactivity into traditional and offline marketing methods!

  • Would you like to provide a richer and more engaging experience to your customers?
  • Do you want to try a marketing tool that can interact with your customers on the go?
  • Are you wondering how to give your customers instant access to content?
Microsoft Tag enhances traditional marketing campaigns and also provides detailed analytics allowing you to track the effectiveness of your campaign.

Microsoft Tags are a new and innovative technology, which allows the creation of color bar codes or ’tags’ that can be scanned using mobile phones. These tags can then be printed on various mediums such as newspapers, magazines, posters, billboards, coupons etc. All people need to do is click a picture of a tag, and the tag reader installed on their phone will read it and direct them to specific actions that have been encoded in the tag.

The actions could range from launching a specific URL in the browser, to dialing a customer service number etc; the possibilities for advertisers, marketers and businesses are endless. Adding tags to marketing campaigns take offline-advertising campaigns to a whole new level.

We are cutting edge.

Delivering on its promise of bringing you the latest technologies, NOCC has already added Microsoft Tag solutions to its mobile capabilities and experience. We offer holistic digital marketing and mobile solutions that help you leverage Microsoft Tag to your advantage.

At NOCC, we will work closely with you to strategize and come up with a ’tagging’ strategy that is the best fit for your needs. We will then work with you to create, manage and render your own custom tags that best represent your business, brand and the specific marketing campaign. We also develop customized solutions that can link to your tags.

Implement holistic marketing campaigns.

Be the first through the door; add mobile tagging to your advertising and marketing campaigns and differentiate yourself from your competitors!

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Why iPad apps?

  • Easy customization
  • Simple, user friendly and intuitive
  • Stay connected to customers any place, any time and all the time

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