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With the world becoming more and more mobile, so are our business processes, our customers and our competitors. Not only is it common to have iPhone applications for your organization in the ’app store’, but it is becoming more and more critical that the your digital presence is intelligent enough to recognize and respond to the situations when it is being accessed by a mobile phone.

  • Do you have a web presence? Have you seen how your website looks on a mobile phone?
  • Do you think that your customers are accessing your website with their mobiles when they are on the go?
  • Are they looking for something specific, such as your store location, your contact details or a specific product or service?
  • Are your users likely to find this information or are they getting irritated with how your website renders on their mobiles?
According to Morgan Stanley 2010, in the next five years, more users will connect to the Internet via mobile devices versus computers. Mobile is becoming the predominant way users consume content.

Mobile optimized websites are becoming enticing due to the number of different device types, various operating systems and screen sizes. They are also the more appropriate and cost effective preference for brands that are venturing forward into the mobile space for the first time.

Contrary to popular belief, a mobile site is not a small website. Mobile sites are more akin to personal organizers that offer addresses, travel plans, expenses and other specific clips of information that is brief, urgent and immediate. And, the Apple ’app store’ is evidence that people will also pay for content as long as it is easy to download and use. The mobile world is lucrative!

Small is the next big thing.

At NOCC, before we design anything, we spend time watching people use technology in their homes, at work, in a laboratory and on the go. Our insights are based on research, experience and observations. It is these observations that distinguish effective mobile sites from ordinary mobile sites. For example, Amazon understands that users on their website want to buy. However, on mobile sites, equal emphasis is placed on the wish list functionality as they predicted that many users would want to shortlist products and buy later (when they are on a computer for example). Similarly, while the Best Buy website is fully functional, the mobile site predicted the most likely requirements of their target audience and only allows users to look up a product or to locate a nearby store.

We build mobile websites where the experience starts from the point the user enters the URL from their mobile device. As soon as they are detected as a mobile device user, they are automatically redirected to a mobile optimized experience, and in many cases, even a device optimized experience.

Mobile-maximize your reach and your sales.

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Why iPad apps?

  • Easy customization
  • Simple, user friendly and intuitive
  • Stay connected to customers any place, any time and all the time

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