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Microsoft, Oracle, SalesForce, SugarCRM… the list of software vendors and their products out there seems infinite at times. As a business owner, it is often difficult to make technology decisions regarding enterprise resource planning (ERP) selection, or the CRM that most closely depicts your sales process, whether you are ready for a SharePoint implementation, or choosing the best eCommerce platform out there for online retail. Inarguably, the technology decisions we make today will affect the IT infrastructure of our business today and tomorrow.

  • Is your business at that point where it needs ERP software?
  • Do you know where to start in terms of choosing the right platform for your business?
  • How are you going to evaluate and select the appropriate vendor to implement the solution?
  • Or are you looking to evaluate other systems for ecommerce, a CMS, an intranet and so on?

It is important to consider the needs of the business, to employ the appropriate software. Just like business decisions, technology decisions are not made in a vacuum. The context and interrelationships with other existing software solutions employed by the business need to be studied to avoid making the common mistake of building an IT environment that is fragmented, outdated and simply not optimum.

There are many things that an organisation needs to consider, and one of these is picking the right software solution that will take your business to the next level.

Whether it is an isolated decision concerning the software solutions for a single department, for example a CRM selection for your salesforce, or an integrated ERP solution that integrates shared access to information and intelligent workflows across different departments using the same database – we have tried and tested processes in place to help you make the right choice.

How do our Business Consultants provide unbiased software selection support?

At NOCC, we help a range of organizations with their software selection or acquisition process. We work with your organization to discover and define your needs, which would prescribe the selection criteria against which various software vendors and products would be compared. Our software selection consultants would then assist your organization to compare the various options based on how closely they align to your needs and the intricacies of your business environment.

NOCC’s IT Consultants would thus be involved in the vendor selection and evaluation process to ensure that you get the most appropriate, cost effective and fitting solution for your needs; and that you have sustainable processes in place for vendor evaluation and management. After which, our Change Management Experts often assist the vendors with the deployment and adoption amongst the users – which is the ultimate test of a successful software selection process.

Technology decisions are closely tied to business decisions. In most situations, we work closely with the CTO of an organization, as an experienced Information Technology consultant or advisor. In some organizations that are in flux or facing drastic changes, we have even stepped in to take over the CTO function of the organization temporarily to help build a technology roadmap for the business that is aligned to the business and branding strategy in general.

Strategic planning for Technology Consulting is necessary for the way forward.

While we are Microsoft Certified Partners and are experts in SharePoint, Microsoft CRM and implementations of other Microsoft products, our Open Source Technologies team is just as comprehensive and encompasses Joomla CMS, Wordpress CMS, SugarCRM, Salesforce CRM and Ruby on Rails. Our software consultants in Beirut do not define themselves to a specific technology and instead keep abreast of the changes and breakthroughs in the industry. We stay current and updated so we can recommend the best technology for the needs of your business.

Note: NOCC is unbiased and does not receive remuneration from the software vendors we recommend in order to provide a comprehensive and objective evaluation of your software options.

Ensure your IT solves the purpose it was meant to.

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